Ariel Wallace

Providence St. Peter’s Christmas in the Forest

UX / UI work in effort and focused on user researcher and wireframe design for Providence Christmas in the Forest's main site and auction site.

Role: One of two User Experience / User Interface designers

Organization: Providence

Design & Testing:

Use of Freehand-InVision and screen shots to create visual wireframes and PowerPoint for presentation of our findings to the client.
Usability testing methods we used unmoderated, think-aloud and video-recorded desktop screen interactions with the prototype.


Deciding which tests were considered “good” and which ones were not.
Understand possible solutions for the client to get more money from the auction items.
A way to provide clear visual feedback.


Justified a “good” test by how long an individual completed a test and the type of feedback we received.
Create 3 fidelity wireframes of page layouts and content priority, based on feedback from usability testing.
Clear feedback was provided using PowerPoint, this allowed for not only text explanations of our findings but also visual representations such as wireframes.
The PowerPoint also was a tool to hand off to Stacey for her records and a reference document to look back on if they choose to implement the changes we suggested.