Ariel Wallace


A media archaeology research lab used for the curation, documentation, preservation, and production of born digital literary works and other media.

Role: Junior Designer/ Content Specialist and UI designer

Organization: Electronic Literature Lab

The NEXT is an digital repository envisioned as a combination museum, library, and preservation space. It maintains and makes its archives of electronic literature and digital art accessible for the next generation, and responds to the growing need for open-access and travel-free cultural research experiences for today's public and scholars.
Throughout the NEXT I work cross functionally with multiple different teams in order to preserve and archive works. I collect, edit and enhance images of flash works, that are not easily accessible anymore, along with other media types. I also have worked alongside the lead designer and Electronic Literature project manager, Holly, to enhance the user interface and functionality of The NEXT. It is very important to us that our platform does not only look good but is also accessible to different audiences and expanding access for those with disabilities.