Ariel Wallace

Hypertext Art

A Pitch Deck made for the Hypertext Art presentation by Dr. Dene Grigar at International Research Week in Germany, May 2023.

Role: Multimedia Designer

Organization: None

This was a Pitch Deck I created for Dr. Dene Grigar on Hypertext Art to be presented during International Research Weeks in Germany, May 2023. I created elements that showed light and dark backgrounds throughout as to keep the viewers interested and engaged with the presentation. Different elemental squared were used as visual interests such as gradients, outlines, and over laid squares. The idea behind this topic was to show how hypertexts are not just links for websites but is also art.
“several examples of hypertext art that deviates from the way in which it has been generally envisioned for computing devices, which has primarily been articulated as 2-dimesional and literary. By doing so, I attempt to broaden the scope of what has been perceived as human expression for hypertextual environments so that both the humanities and arts are both included in the way in which hypertext is presented and viewed.” – Dr. Dene Grigar