Ariel Wallace

AMNESIA: Restored

Reconstruction of the 1986 text adventure game published by Electronic Arts (EA).
Amnesia: Restored Website

Role: Lead Designer / Multimedia Designer

Organization: Electronic Literature Lab & The Thomas M. Disch Estate

The reconstruction of the 1986 Original Adventure Game by Thomas M. Disch and published by Electronic Arts. The restoration entailed recoding and visually redesigning the text base online adventure game.
“A new version of the cult classic published by Electronic Arts 1986, now available on the web for contemporary computers.”

I led a team of 5 designers and collaboratively created 93 graphic media elements, logos, color palette, brand guide, promotional elements, and website branding. I had the privilege of working fluently with 5 other team leads and was the design consultant for Promotions/Marketing team and Web Development team.